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FUE Hair Transplant at Our Centre, India

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We are best hair transplant centre to get hair transplant by FUE technique. We don’t practise FUT (strip method) as it has some side effects and one needs to get his head cut from back so as to take a strip of skin for harvesting the hair follicles. Our FUE hair transplant technique surgery gives completely natural hair growth without any side effect and the results don’t gives any clue to other person of hair transplant surgery. Follicular unit Extraction (FUE) and transplantation is most modern and safe surgical technique that helps in achieving a completely “natural” look from hair transplant

FUE Technique Advantages can be listed as below: :
• Stitch less.
• Pain less.
• Almost no bleeding .
• No numbness at the site of hair graft donor .
• No Visible scar:-Important for those that want to wear their hair very short.
• FUE technique is ideal for facial hair transplant i.e. beard, moustache, eyebrow and eyelashes hair restoration.
• FUE is ideal when small number of grafts are required and for patients in initial stages of hair loss.
• FUE is ideal body hair harvesting (body hair transplant) when hair from chest, beard axilla etc are used to complete the requirement of bald area.
• Ideal for repairing scars that can’t be excised.

1.Client Selection for Hair Transplant.
• Age: 22 years or older.
• Client should have significant amount of hair (donor area) for hair follicle harvesting.
• Other medical condition for causes of hair loss should be ruled out.
• No medical contraindication to any surgery.

2.Planning of Hair transplant surgery.
After deciding the hair transplantation one can fix a date for hair transplantation after completing primary formalities. Client will be required to undergo some blood tests. The medical records, pre-operation and post operation instructions with including facts about the procedure is compiled in a file for records.
On the day of Hair Transplant surgery, one must take head bath and it is advised to take heavy breakfast.
At our centre we click the pictures of your bald area as well as the donor area. Then hair at donor site is trim and prepared for harvesting of hair grafts.
3. The Procedure
In our Operation theatre (OT), we make the client lie down in horizontal position on the operating table. At our centre, hair line is designed by Dr. K.K. ARORA & Dr. MONIKA BHARTI. As per the baldness condition of client different hair designs are also suggested but final implantation is done as per choice of client. Then with utmost care we give local anaesthesia in the donor area. Donor Area (is that part of the body from where the hair grafts to be extracted).
Then a 0.6 mm to 0 .7 mm punch is used to make a small circular incision in the skin by using a punch-like “circular scalpel” around the upper part of the follicular unit, then follicular unit is gently extracted from the scored circle directly from the scalp under magnification. (The follicular units (graft) is small bundle of hair consisting of 1 to 4 hair follicles (roots), these little groupings of hairs are called follicular unit/ grafts.)
In FUE, only a portion the hair grafts is selected for extraction from the donor area. Therefore, the hair restoration surgeon leaves adequate hair in the area to cover the remaining donor area. Then single follicle (hair) is separated from hair grafts. The grafts are preserved in cool Ringer Lactate solution. After this the recipient (bald) site is prepared by giving local anaesthesia. (Recipient Area is place of hair implantation like head, moustache, eyebrow, eyelashes and beard).
The Follicular units are transplanted into the scalp by inserting them into small slits incised into the skin and underlying tissue with a small needle.
After the hair surgery procedure is done, the client is again shown the hair transplanted area for his satisfaction and a simple dressing in the donor area and front on forehead is done to prevent risk for any kind of infection.
The transplanted area is covered with a loose cap. The client is discharged. While in operation theatre client can watch a movie, TV or can read book depending on his choice. During the course of surgery client remain awake and can chat and discuss about him or herself, that we become “friends” with them.
Conditions like Norwood baldness classification type 5 and 6, where the requirement of bald are cannot be complete from back of scalp / head. We can extract up to 2500 hair from beard safely, without much affecting the beard and if requirement still incomplete, then our team of doctors having specialization of harvesting the hair from chest wall, and from arm pit (axilla) and are able to complete the requirement. We can implant 3000 to 3500 follicles under FUE technique in one day. If the requirement of graft is more than procedure is done next days or even after few months as per expediency of the client.

Care: After Hair Transplant :
Client can remove the bandage next day by his own or can come for any kind of assistance it he can. There is nothing to worry about scabs start appearing from next day, the scabs start falling and the hair start growing in the donor area again.
Little swelling appears on the forehead within 24 hours after surgery, which may increase for about the 3 days to the eyes and cheeks and get settled down within about 4 to 5 days. At recipient area some redness appears in the post-procedure period but this is again part of the natural healing phase.
It is advised to avoid exposure to sun rays for about 3 weeks. Avoid the arduous activities for 3 weeks like Body building, soccer, swimming, running etc.

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